Während ich hier über einem hässlichen optionSplit grübel, ist es doch schön das es noch andere Leute gibt - die um diese Uhrzeit nichts besseres zu tun haben - als über Typo3 zu philosophieren. Auszug aus dem Chatlog von #typo3 auf freenode.net [02:11] using some software to build a sitemap yu see [02:11] and it’s building links like wla.systemcms.com/text/text/text/text/contact.html [02:11] lovely [02:11] though on visible inspection I can’t see how, so maybe the map builder software is flawed. [02:11] that might be due to realurl config [02:14] very possibly [02:14] though I don’t think my poor brain can handle debugging it tonight : [02:14] :/ [02:14] shit [02:14] my hands are itching, which always happens when I get stressed :( [02:14] so let’s shake itching hands [02:14] look at that mess [02:16] Gosh [02:17] * Denyerec hands uschi the Aloe gel [02:17] if it helps *sigh* [02:17] hmmm [02:18] I am sur eyou know a metaphor or similie from your classics studies of something in mythology that is both heaven and hell combined [02:18] i have it back, but in my ugly version [02:18] Whatever it is, Typo3 is it. [02:18] i would quote goethe here [02:18] himmelhochjauchzend zu tode betrübt, glücklich allein die seele, die liebt [02:19] but i do not know the english translation [02:22] shoot [02:22] I don’t stand much chance at that :)