Yeah, der Große Tag ist endlich da: Boysetsfire in Leipzig. Kurze Hosen hab ich an, reisfestes T-Shirt eingepackt, festes Schuhwerk an & den Hörschutz in der Hosentasche. Das wird soooooo geil… > “Just enough freedom to forget youre a slave, Just enough anger to > make sure we get paid Easy does it baby dont lose your headcause we > both know that ideals dont sell. Come now pass us the saccharin. > Part 1 then part 2 who knew you had it so easy Hit it hit it well > go straight to the top Its all a matter of whose cock you suck We > got the money hey come on lets go ha! You know you want it hey! You > know you want it (well cmon) Shake it like a rebel just dont cross > any lines Cause family god and country are back in style Sex drugs > and politics are finejust remember That we own you, we bought you, > and well sell you whenever we want to We brake your legs and you > will thank us for the crutches…”