Tech notes & snippets

Random assortment of little snippets and hiccups I came them useful (or at least amusing). Got something to add / correct? I' love your feedback.

Routing packets from a Proxmox VM back to itself (July, 16th 2023)

Delete Your Tweets (June, 08th 2023)

Collect Objects into an array with jq (November, 18th 2022)

Letting mu4e reply from a catchall address (November, 09th 2022)

Resetting a Yubikey OpenGPG Pin counter (September, 07th 2022)

Broken IPv6 delegation after upgrading to OpnSense 22.1 (May, 11th 2022)

Back to Qutebrowser (January, 14th 2022)

Kubernetes Docker dind MTU issues on Hetzner (Cloud) (April, 08th 2021)

Better GitLab Pipeline UX with custom CSS (November, 18th 2020)

GNOME Keyring woes with dbus & Sway (September, 23th 2020)

Display current org-mode clock in swaybar (September, 16th 2020)

Fedora DKMS issues with Wireguard (January, 29th 2020)

Disabling Bluetooth on system boot in Fedora (November, 21th 2019)

Upgrading a Rancher 2.x installation (July, 16th 2019)

Direnvin combination with Passwordstore (August, 09th 2018)

Ruby on Ice: A quick glance at our budget (April, 30th 2018)

Migrating to Hugo 0.3x (March, 03th 2018)

Install the Backup Gem in Fedora (Server) (October, 03th 2016)

Access Logstash JSON objects (August, 08th 2016)

Access MongoDB Shell from docker (July, 05th 2016)

Recover stuck RancherOS after upgrade to 0.4.5 (June, 29th 2016)

Enabling emacs style shortcuts in GNOME (April, 01th 2016)

Enabling public key authentication in CentOS (February, 13th 2015)

Choosing a Vagrant default provider (December, 12th 2013)

Adjusting the Crunchbang cursor size (October, 17th 2013)

Building a Vagrant VMware base box for CentOS 6.4 (October, 07th 2013)

Unzipping encrypted (win)zip files in linux (July, 17th 2013)

Emulate a robots.txt file with a simple nginx directive (June, 20th 2013)

Bootstrap a Vagrant VM before running the provisioner. (June, 08th 2013)

Subsonic won't play MP3 or AAC files (June, 05th 2013)

Importing Posterous archives into Jekyll (June, 04th 2013)

re-init (June, 03th 2013)

Getting the EPSON CX11NF to work with Linux (December, 10th 2012)

Germany.rb 2010 in Leipzig (September, 16th 2010)

5 Scary Things That Facebook Knows About You (January, 01th 0001)

An interview with Andrew Plotkin : The Setup (January, 01th 0001)

Apaches little helpers (January, 01th 0001)

Applying Mathematics To Web Design - Smashing Magazine (January, 01th 0001)

Compass CSS (January, 01th 0001)

Don’t be afraid of PHP 5.3 | Juozas devBlog (January, 01th 0001)

Everyone thinks they're hiring the top 1 percent (January, 01th 0001)

Exclude .svn subdirectories in your grep search (January, 01th 0001)

Expedia on how one extra data field can cost $12m (January, 01th 0001)

FBI drive for encryption backdoors (January, 01th 0001)

fguillen/simplecov-rcov - GitHub (January, 01th 0001)

Fixing apache2 on Ubuntu 10.04 (January, 01th 0001)

Fuzz Box: Resign Patterns (January, 01th 0001)

Google Instant Makes SEO Irrelevant (January, 01th 0001)

Hello, Posterous. (January, 01th 0001)

Hudson's future | Hudson Labs (January, 01th 0001)

Installing the ruby-filemagic gem via bundler on OSX (January, 01th 0001)

Kill Your To-Do List | Zen Habits (January, 01th 0001)

Ksplice - Hello from a libc-free world! (January, 01th 0001) (January, 01th 0001)

Mac & the iPad (January, 01th 0001)

Master Foo and the Ten Thousand Lines (January, 01th 0001)

Run Effective, Google-Style Meetings - Lifehacker (January, 01th 0001)

Say Something Nice About Every Language You’ve Used (January, 01th 0001)

Scott Chacon | The Geek Talk (January, 01th 0001)

Secured Typing - The Daily WTF (January, 01th 0001)

Skip closing Brackets in VIM (January, 01th 0001)

Slicehost Articles: Ubuntu Lucid Setup - Part 2 (January, 01th 0001)

Solve the Problem, Calm the Client & Save the Project (January, 01th 0001)

Soon to come: Symfony definitive guide for 1.3 and 1.4 (January, 01th 0001)

Spamassassin FH_DATE_PAST_20XX test buggy in 2010 (January, 01th 0001)

Symfony Live Conference, Symfony 2.0 and DI (January, 01th 0001)

Thank you, Rails (January, 01th 0001)

The MIT Hacker Ethic (January, 01th 0001)

tmux settings for screen + vim fans (January, 01th 0001)