As I got dropped from posterous I was searching for a simple solution to import my old posterous content into a simple Jekyll Blog structure.

All the other importers I tried had problems importing my posts directly from posterous (as they are probably already down at the time you are reading this). Gladly Paul McCarthy already got this covered with PR 12.

So just checkout out his branch (or the Jekyll-Importer master if it got merged meanwhile):

{% highlight sh %} $ git clone $ git checkout initial-migrator-import {% endhighlight %}

Extract your posterous archive and run the importer:

{% highlight sh %} $ unzip /tmp/ -d /tmp/ $ ruby -r ‘./lib/jekyll/importers/posterous-archive.rb’ -e '

Jekyll::PosterousArchive.process("/tmp/space[…]")' {% endhighlight %}

Check and extract the files. Enjoy.