My personal relation with Hugo has been a mixed bag but so far I'm still happy with it - especially since it supports native org-mode with version 0.19.

Trouble during the 0.3-something update

I'm not too sure since when this has been broken on my side, but upon updating to 0.37 Hugo refused to build anything:

ERROR 2018/03/04 02:09:01 Error while rendering "page" in "blog/":
template: blog/single.html:1:3: executing "blog/single.html"
at <partial "header.html...>: error calling partial:
   template: partials/header.html:13:90: executing "partials/header.html"
at <.RSSlink>: can't evaluate field RSSlink in type *hugolib.PageOutput

Well. Turns out that's now an Alternative Output Format.