After upgrading my OpnSense box to the latest 22.1 release I noticed that something was not right. Namely: Some sites where sluggish and it ownly dawned me after I couldn't install any Rubygems since bundle would just time out. I'm on Deutsche Telekom VDSL, so I should get a proper IPv6 prefix to delegate. And this used to work flawlessly for the last two years.

Classic IPv6 woes. Not a big deal, since it was already fixed in OpnSense stable. Right?

Well, 🐔 meet 🥚.

The upgrade to OpnSense 22.x will be done sequentially, so it will upgrade to 22.1 first and then later install the patches (up to 22.1.7). By the time you notice that something is not quite right, it's probably already to late and you cannot install any upgrades because you don't have any IPv6 connectivity anymore. The most obvious sign being that the package upgrader will simply run into a timeout.


There's a (probably obvious) workaround though:

  • Navigate to your [WAN] interface

  • Take a screenshot of your settings, as the client configuration might get reset

  • Temporarily IPv6 by setting the IPv6 configuration type to None:

  • Reboot your OpnSense

  • Check for and install all available updates

  • Re-Enable IPv6 by setting the configuration type back to DHCPv6 and revert back to your settings from your screenshot.

Voila. The turtle is dancing again.